“Less than six months ago, I had my third child. With three children under six, it is hard to find time to lose my baby weight, let alone work on toning my body. I immediately thought of Lori when I decided that I could not look at my stomach “pooch” any longer. She came to my house on a weekly basis starting in April 2013, and knew exactly what  I needed to do to reach my goals. Within a few weeks, I saw results. Thanks to Lori, I am back to my pre-baby weight and I am loving it.Carrie Rifkin, Homemaker

“Fitness has always been a big part of my life. However, it was hard to fit in time to attend my favorite fitness classes on a weekly gym schedule when managing a career and starting a family. However, taking an indoor cycle  or Pilates mat class with Lori Allen was worth it to me to battle traffic, rearrange my work schedule, and put my life on hold for an hour, because Lori’s classes were that awesome. I used to follow her around town from healthclub to healthclub and never was disappointed by the workouts she coached. Whether they be Indoor Cycle, Barre, Mat Pilates, or some intense cardio and strength circuit style class, I always get a great workout in Lori’s class.  What impresses me the most is her music, she seems to intuitively play a variety of songs that appeal to various genres in which everyone can get into for deepening their workouts. I noticed that Lori easily caters to all fitness levels from advance to a beginner level group exercise participant. When affording a pricey gym membership was no longer affordable, I hired Lori Allen in June 2012 to train me privately in the comfort of my home. Lori’s passion for Mat Pilates is contagious, I learned how to use my body more intelligently by doing the exercises that Lori suggests. Working in a job for many years, which requires me to use my upper body, I started to develop extremely tight shoulders and stiffness throughout my whole spine.  Lori immediately imparts her knowledge of corrective exercises to help give me better range of motion and more mobility throughout my body so that I can continue working on clients and lifting my children without feeling pain. Every week Lori develops something new to add to our workouts and it is just as much fun working with her privately as it is taking a class with her in a gym setting. My young daughter enjoys watching our sessions in the house. Lori has even helped my child enjoy functional movement by teaching her simple stretching and dance based exercises that are essential for strengthening her growth and development. My husband is in awe of my new found figure after undergoing two pregnancies, which changed my body completely. He compliments me all the time and I credit Lori, but she will say it was just ‘me who kicked butt.’ However, I stuck with the Lori Allen system of maintaining my workouts and eating clean, so it did not take me long to loose the weight.  My husband, who also is active and athletic, enjoys consulting with Lori on the topic of exercise and wellness to take his workouts to another level. Lori helped create some jogging/running workouts for use to do in the neighborhood and now together we enjoy taking our cardio work outdoors. Our family has a new love for fitness and health. We thank Lori Allen for making such a positive impact.”—Michelle McCarron, Hairstylist

“I am a physician and perform physical medical procedures on a daily basis that stress out the muscular skeletal system. This requires repetitive motion, which after many years has given me back and arm pain. I met Lori Allen two-years ago while taking a mat pilates class with her at Manhattan Country Club. I was impressed by how much better I felt in one hour after mat class. Lori has saved my back and my ability to continue to work in my field. I know now that whether I feel like it or not if I stick to a consistent workout regimen and meet with Lori in class or for a private session every week I will be well. I am very grateful to her for saving my back.” — Gretchen Stipec, Radiologist


“Lori Allen is my spinning instructor who introduced this new sport to me when I worked out at LA Fitness. After being a professional athlete and exercising for a living, Lori’s spinning classes are still a challenge for me and I see great results in my tennis performance. Her classes are entertaining with great music, upbeat energy, and a challenging cardiovascular workout. I can highly recommend  trying Lori’s cycle class for all levels. She will make sure that you will get what you want out of it.” — Edit Pakay- Hall of Fame Tennis Player for Loyola Marymount University


Lori Allen’s Pilates classes are outstanding at Manhattan Beach Country Club!  She continues to bring into our class the leading edge technology and techniques and constantly refreshes her teaching skills and competencies by pursuing certifications in a range of fitness approaches. In class, Lori always explains the physiological benefits of each exercise and its strength/core building attributes. Most recently she has been using the Bender and Yoga Tune-up balls. I left class this morning feeling my entire body had been opened and an enormous energy release of all physical stress. I felt the energy flow through my body in a most extraordinary manner very health promoting! I can’t wait to make these deep self-massage exercise techniques part of my routine practice. I highly recommend Lori Allen’s classes to you as a salute to your own health and as an extraordinary opportunity for creating health for yourself.” — Pamela Davidson PhD, UCLA Research Scientist

“I tried out the pilates class  at Believe Fitness Studio and it was great! The instructor, Lori Allen was so inspiring and really took the time to cater to everyone’s individual needs and level of fitness.  I have a knee issue and she was so helpful in adjusting certain positions for me. When you are a beginner, you can sometimes feel very intimidated and overwhelmed, but Lori was bursting with positive energy and encouragement, which made for an amazing empowering first time experience. I will definitely take her class again.” — Barbara Lynn, wrote this review on YELP for Believe Fitness in Nov. 2011