Log onto these links to learn more about who and what motivates me to lead an active life. These websites  offer plenty of resources to fuel my workouts to move stronger, eat nutritious food choices, practice mediation, and live a life filled with fun to give the very best to my clients so that they can FEEL their best in their daily activities. I am blessed to work and be mentored by some of the best fitness leaders in the country, I want to share with you their healthy tips and products, which can  help you  always keep the mind and body in motion. These web sites will teach you more about Indoor Cycling/Spinning, Pilates, Yoga, Group Fitness, holistic health, and even offer a website for comic relief and belly laughs, which tones the tummy muscles too.

Also, listening to the right music makes the body pump and increases the ability of the heart rate’s thump, which if your having a tough day easily gets you out of your funk. Feel free to follow me on ITUNES PING (Lori Allen) as well as SPOTIFY to find out what music I play in class to kick A**! My spotify playlists are available on my Facebook wall, and are a bit more current. Plus, I always welcome song suggestions.

  • Equinox clubs is where you can find out where I teach in Southern California and read more about their innovative group fitness classes  and latest research for fitness and health on the Q Blog. Their motto is ‘fitness is life’ and its very true. Honored to be a part of their team.
  • Golds Gym has been a leader in fitness clubs for some time and I feel blessed to teach at their Culver City location.
  • IDEA is a great resource for anyone trying to learn more about the professional side of fitness. Their 2 yearly conferences are a must to attend for staying current on industry trends. I always find inspiring ideas when I go to an IDEA event.
  • Ace Fitness is an industry provider and teacher training center for fitness professionals and the articles published by exercise physiologist, Jessica Matthews, are so helpful for generating class ideas and staying fit.
  • Another resource for fitness professionals that is helpful to teach and learn how to do exercises using the VIPR, BOSU, and Kettlebell.
  • Cannot make it to a gym class, well bring the workout with you whenever you can find a connection.  This website gives you access to a variety of fitness classes from cardio athletic bootcamps, dance, toning, and stretching all lead by the best  instructors in the fitness industry.
  • A lifestyle website dedicated to all things fitness, wellness, and health related. I contributed articles that can be seen on their website.
  • Thousands of yoga classes offered online, all you need is a mat, and your breathe. Take your downward dog to your den.
  • My favorite resource to learn more about the pilates method and watch master Pilates teachers work the craft by teaching variations of Contrology, which was really what Joseph Pilates originally named his  system of full body exercises.
  • Known as the, “Harvard” of pilates, TPC graduates some of the best pilates instructors in the country and I feel fortunate my pilates training was based off of their rigorous program. I hope to always study under their method to keep up with classical pilates method that are influenced by Pilates elders such as Romana Kryzanowska, Lolita San Miguel, Carola Trier, Kathy Sanford Grant, and Ron Fletcher.
  • Get Coregeous and tune your body up from head to toe. Thank you Jill Miller, a renown yoga leader, who created this awesome system of healing and restructuring yoga poses that are more servicing to our physiques. YTU has helped me overcome physical challenges and move with more mobility and stability to stay flexible and feel fit. The ball rolling beats any foam roller for massaging out tight muscles, restoring the elasticity of the skin, and keeping  the tissues free from having any problematic issues. YTU ball rolling is my daily dose of  complete body bliss.
  • According to yoga teacher, Jen Pastiloff, manifestation is making SH**T happen. Well whenever I get the golden opportunity to take her unique yoga class, SHIFT happens! Positive words, creative sequencing of the postures, and rocking music to sing along too, karaoke style, makes this asana practice more awesome. Her writings are resonating and raw, whenever I read her blog, she inspires me to write what feels real. I will go on my first yoga retreat with her in Fall 2012. Bali baby, here we come!
  • Next time I am in NYC, I will definitely be getting my sweat on in Rachel’s fitness classes. She is a master trainer who loves to teach other passionate fitness instructors the right way to ride a bike. We met at an IDEA conference, and I am glad we are connected through our mutual passion of Indoor cycle and all things fitness related. Rachel could very well be the next fitness star to whip America into shape on a reality TV show. See her in action.
  • When I think of who Amy Dixon is, the word ‘AMYAZING’ comes to mind. Not only is the mom of 2 young daughters and renown fitness expert bringing big changes to the group exercise industry, but she produces and creates the best fitness DVDs, which have been featured in major fitness publications to leave the body breathless and begging for more. I often rely on Amy’s expertise when I teach group fitness classes. She creates some real fun fitness programs to change and challenge the body for staying superfit.
  • Expecting, and you still want to exercise, well pregnancy fitness expert, Sara Haley, also a new mother can help you stay strong and fit while your belly expands for baby. Sara Haley’s DVD, Expecting More, is a must have for any new mom needing to stay in shape. Also, if you take her fitness classes in LA or NYC, expect some serious sweating.
  • Her last name rhymes with “Tush” and after taking a Sarah Kusch fitness class, you will instantly feel TIGHT in the derriere. And to sport a Tush trained by Kusch is very uplifting in more ways than one. Sarah’s body challenge classes are popular in LA because her tough love attitude makes the intense cardio and strength exercises she instructs very functional. We love to really ROCK THE PLANK to get stronger in the core. I tell my students that when I take Sarah’s classes regularly,  she inspires me to move deeper to channel my inner athleticism, so if your sore in the core it’s because your teacher’s teacher moves like an Olympian. Also a mother, Sarah is just a regular girl like me who loves to workout, which is so awesome.
  • Paul Katami is the Kettlebell king! His classes and videos are very intense but functional for finding your fitness. I learn a lot by watching Paul and find him to be an inspiring source. A true teacher’s
  • Trust your feet! They are the foundation of your fitness. WILLPOWER & GRACE is a barefoot fitness class inspired by yoga, pilates, dance, and old school calisthenics. I am getting certified to teach this method. I love the results it has brought to my body. No complicated choreography, no equipment needed,  just a connection to the kinetic chain and the body moves with WILLPOWER & GRACE. The free flowing movements make me feel so light on my usually tired soles. I love to implement these steps inspired by the method into all forms of fitness.
  • Jennifer Sage, is a pro when it comes to coaching others to ride a bike inside or out. I met her in 2008 at a Spinning conference, and she had the biggest following at the event. Now she created this website, ICA, to pass on her valuable information to lead other instructors to carry on her expertise when it comes to creating an efficient indoor cycle class. Even though my outdoor riding skills are not up to par as my indoor cycle skills, I still can gather the information she teaches, and make it pertinent to riding a stationary bike to garner results to change my body and those who take my class more effectively.
  • The possibilities are infinite is athletic coach Gary Kobat’s motto.  He helps clients quite famous ones and from all walks of life  be well,  and train smart. I feel like I came of age in Gary’s intense hour long cycle sessions, took them for years, until he encouraged me to get certified and at first I thought he was pulling my pedal stroke. He put me up on the Instructor spin bike in front of a crowded room at a popular spinning studio in Santa Monica, where it was my first experience ever instructing a crowd by speaking through a microphone. Talk about terrifying but terrific. The man believed I could motivate, inspire, and lead a sweaty 60 minute cycle class more than I ever imagined possible.  Gary’s coaching is not for the faint of heart, but his results speak volumes for creating a transforming transcendence on the trinity of mind/body/spirit. Just get the ego out of your own way.
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycle is led by the most inspiring  master team leaders in the country, including Rachel Buschert and Amy Dixon. Names like Jay Blahnik, Julz Arney,  Rob Glick, Kelly Roberts, Shannon Fable, Mindy Mylrea, Robert Sherman and Jeffrey Scott are industry favorites when it comes to taking training sessions with SCHWINN at fitness conferences.  It is simple to get certified in cycle by SCHWINN and I wish more fitness clubs would implement their bikes and teaching modules into facilities nationwide. I really am a fan of their coaching style. Building classes based off of the 4 zones of intensity to gauge my students to feel easy, moderate, hard, and breathless throughout the 50 minute indoor cycle class when climbing hills or riding down flat terrain really creates a motivating ride mixed with music that appeals to all genres.
  • Both SIdes UP is what BOSU means and it is a challenging workout when used correctly for fitness and pilates. Check out the website to see why their products are effective and fun for strengthening and lengthening from the inside out.
  • Anjeanette Carter is a funny girl and she is one of my best friends. Her website is non- fitness related but she makes me laugh when complaining about her lack of motivation to walk 2 blocks to go to the gym. However, she does make an occasional appearance in my mat pilates class, and its fun to watch her workout hard and then the next day read her blog describing her exercise experience. Her blog details musings about  world events that she finds important, especially when it comes to her love for finding humor in the wrongdoings of former tv/film stars who make a come back on TMZ.  Her tweets are so popular on twitter that she is becoming more recognized in the blogosphere, and regularly  gets retweeted by those who really are known for being famous. Watch out Chelsea Handler, AC has quite the following!
  • If I never went Gluten- Free due to a test result saying I was sensitive to eating dairy and wheat, then I do not know what my dear friend, Melissa Lemberger-Eliyahoo would have done to create a positive change in so many of her loved one’s lives.  All thanks to my digestive disturbances,  Melissa was inspired to heal me through proper nutrition and take on a second career to become a holistic health coach. Hairstyling is the first career. Her hippy dippy spirit and love for natural foods makes this job so fitting. Melissa teaches you about the benefits of clean eating, the  problems about foods containing GMOS, and a whole lot more. Plus, her recipes are delicious and when you have a friend who thrives on feeding others well, life just tastes and feels more swell.