Mat Pilates Schedule Varies
The Pilates method of strengthening and lengthening the entire body. Designed to
develop the body’s core. This class will increase your flexibility and strength.
Equinox: Southern California
Studio Indoor Cycle Schedule Varies
Indoor cycling efficiently combines strength and cardio training backed
by exercise science and driven by pulsing and eclectic playlist from
different musical genres to move you towards your overall physical fitness goals.
Equinox: Santa Monica, South Bay, Marina del Rey, Encino, and Woodland Hills
Tread & Shred Schedule Varies
A fun and challenging treadmill class. Easily modified to personally challenge your cardiovascular endurance via varied speed and incline levels. Equinox: Southern California
Barre Burn Schedule Varies
A total body workout that slims your hips, tightens your thighs, lifts your seat, & mobilizes
your metabolism. Utilizing ballet movements, intelligent isometrics, changes in rhythm, range of motion & progressive core training, your body heals, tightens, strengthens so you look, feel and move better.
Equinox: Southern California

Equinox class locations and times vary.