Inspiring Ideas ignited at IDEA Fitness Conferences


Welcome to Workout Wednesday!!!

Week in Review

I love the middle of the week to get after my fitness goals. Usually it is a day I teach a fitness class at a gym in my community and I also get the pleasure of training my longtime clients are active adults striving to stay strong in the mind/body as they go through some of nature’s challenges. Nevertheless, it is rewarding to see people achieve goals, move their bodies more efficiently, and strive to stay healthy.

This week the fitness industry celebrates their “Super Bowl” of fitness conferences with the 2014 IDEA World Fitness conference in Anaheim, Ca. Over thousands of fitness professionals, gym managers, health industry experts, exercise enthusiasts, fitness bloggers, healthcare practitioners, renowned public speakers, international fitness presenters, athletic apparel lines, music distributors, food vendors, fitness celebrities…. the list goes on and basically anybody who is anybody making an impact in the health and fitness industry, attends this 5 day conference. This comprehensive  annual event is geared to deliver all the latest information, trends, products, and workouts for advancing the health, fitness, and nutritional industries that can affect people all over the world. As a fitness/health reporter it would be very ideal to cover this event to report the most exciting advances and news in the fitness and wellness industries, including personal training, group fitness, nutrition, indoor cycling, mind-body classes, and business development. Next year if the conference returns to Downtown LA, I would be interested in covering the event as a freelance journalist and conduct interviews with leading experts in the fitness industry that are highly well known and are seen as a celebrity in the fitness field. Names like Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton are now just as famous as those faces seen in the glossies. But they are getting recognized for their work in helping America shape up. Another benefit to covering the IDEA conference is helping to educate the public or your audience about the most current trends in fitness classes, nutrition, the evolution of yoga, pilates and other specialized mind-body disciplines, technology applications to track and measure fitness goals, as well as educate other medical professionals about the impact leaders in the fitness profession can make on a life. Stay tuned for some interesting coverage on IDEA 2015!



Fuel Your Passion

It is very fitting that the theme to this year’s IDEA 2014 event is titled, “Fuel Your Passion.” In this context, passion is defined as a “strong feeling or excitement about doing something.” Passionate fitness professionals and enthusiasts gather at the conference to discuss, share, instruct, and motivate others about the benefits of adopting or maintaining fitness into a regular lifestyle. For me one of my big passions in the fitness industry is indoor cycling on a Schwinn bike. Now in my humble opinion, if you are to take a indoor cycle class, it should  feel like riding a bike outdoors. No need to lift light handweights, resistance bars, or bands, or any other “gimmicks,” just ride a bike the way a bike should be rode, pedal your legs and your body will begin to feel the workout.  It’s very basic, but very challenging, if you turn the resistance knob correctly. Even without having much experience riding outdoors, many of the same principles apply. Indoor cycling is very popular and I am proud to be be certified by SPINNING Mad Dogg Athletics that was originally started by Johnny G, in the ’90s who brought the popular concept of group fitness classes to boutique studios and large chain health clubs all over the world. However,  Spinning® has come a long way in the industry and other brands of developed their own trainings and bikes to accommodate the needs for implicating group indoor cycle  class in fitness centers. A standout certifying agency in this world of group cycle fitness is Schwinn Fitness. At IDEA 2014, Schwinn presents many certifying seminars, workshops and specialty rides.  I have attended many of these workshops and have gone through the 8 hour certification training course twice. I found it to be of extreme value to always learn new techniques applied to the bio mechanics and science behind coaching exercise intensity for achieving fitness goals, motivating coaching techniques  designed to engage and empower participants of all fitness levels to enjoy the indoor cycle workout, and creating memorable rides that leave participants fulfilled with their exercise experience through song selections utilizing a variety of musical genres. I feel blessed to be able to work with such an esteemed group of group fitness colleagues at Equinox, who are master trainers for Schwinn. I gain so much insight on a regular basis from taking and often times subbing their cycle classes, while they are leading coaching seminars for other instructors across the world. IDEA conferences are a great place to get inspired by the Schwinn team and elevate your skills for coaching indoor cycle classes or to enjoy a memorable ride to fuel your passion for this fun way of getting fit for life. Check out their webpage on Facebook to learn more about there indoor cycle programs and fitness conference events

Doing my best to get my WATTS (power) UP at a Schwinn session at IDEA 2013! Photo by Schwinn Fitness

Practicing my coaching techniques with fellow instructors using the Schwinn MPOWER consul that tracks power measurement, wattage, distance, caloric expenditure, pedal speed, stage time, and total workout time. Photo by Schwinn Fitness

Be Inspired

There is so much inspiration to gain at these fitness conferences. Over 180 presenters in the fitness industry will be on hand delivering over 360 workshops and workouts sessions on topics ranging from group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, dance, barre fitness, personal training, TRX, Kettlebells, business, social media, and technology.  All kinds of fitness brands are showcasing their new equipment models, apparel, music, nutrition, products, goods and services to mass consumers at the expo hall.


Connect The Fitness Community

Estimated amount of attendees is expected to be about 12,000 for IDEA 2014! That’s huge and makes you realize the fitness community is booming. A lot of opportunities to help change and inspire people to get fit for life. Next year my goal is to participate the in the fitness blogging community and attend the IDEA blog fest to network with other bloggers and create compelling articles  and effective concepts for marketing myself as a brand. This was an example of a talented fitness bloggers, ladies much like myself who  are passionate about healthy living and inspiring others to live life fit.  Here are their experiences of attending the IDEA blog fest event last year and in 2014. Find out more at #IDEAworld and #sweatpink