Happy Days

Happy Days is where it all started. The TV show from the ’70s and ’80s, inspired my parents to not name me, “Lindsay Brooke Allen,” but instead be called, “Lori Beth Allen,” all because of Richie Cunningham’s girlfriend/wife on the show. The actress Lynda Goodfriend, who played this character had a name that got my parents to change their minds over a name they liked for 9 months. And well being a ‘Lori Beth Allen’ can often times have its share of complications. Have I been indecisive at times, and second guess my choices sometimes? Definitely. The downsides of being born in June under the zodiac sign of Gemini. A sign of the twin and a personality that has many faces. But one thing is for sure I know what keeps me constantly grounded and peaceful from the inside out, and that is my love for fitness and healthy living. Even an indulgence every so often feeds the soul’s spirit. Keep it balanced and why regret what you enjoyed from the pleasure is my philosophy. So what makes my days the most happiest is that I can help others lead a healthier lifestyle for them to move more stronger. In order for folks to live longer with less ‘dis-ease’ and help them turn negative emotions into active motions for making a positive change requires a clear mindset and a support system socially. The power of group fitness brings the fun into fitness when you and friends can sweat and squeeze muscles together.  The smiles shared after a group session is priceless : )! The onset of pain limits folks to fully move at their full range of motion in their muscles, bones, and joints. As a fitness professional, my goal is to train clients to complete their workouts in a functional way for increasing the bodies ability to maintain a consistent challenge of strengthening muscles to create strength, endurance, and flexibility3-dimensionally from head to toe.This website is to promote living out your most happiest of days in total mind/body health. I included a picture of the first Lori Beth Allen, to remind me that “Happy Days” is why I am here to sweat, strengthen, and stretch on this joyous journey of life.